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KOLKATA: The state government wants to optimise the usefulness of rain water harvesting. The state public health engineering (PHE) department has been asked to prepare a concept note within the month as to what steps could be taken to harvest rainwater and to be use it effectively in commercial complexes in Rajarhat New Town. Government officials said that discussions often take place on steps to harvest rainwater by tapping rainwater on roofs by storing water at ground level plastic tanks and pumping up back to roof. The other method is to recycle grey water for using it for different purposes like flushing, washing or gardening. After the PHE department comes out with a concept plan, the Hidco authorities will hold technical discussions involving engineers, planners and experts to finalise plans on this issue. According to Hidco officials, the entire New Town has a network of box drains for draining off rain water from the roads. The drained out water is converged into a canal like the link canal or the pass-khal in Action Area 1. A drainage pumping station (DPS) pumps out the water to Bagjola canal that flows through the township. The Hidco authorities are exploring a plan as to whether the DPS can send the water to the raw water reservoirs at Tarulia where water from the 6 feet pipes from Hooghly river will be brought in. If the rainwater could be send in through this way, the Hidco authorities will be able supply additional water into the distribution channels apart from the water that will be flowed in through the pipelines to the 100 MGD capacity treatment plant. For flushing out waste water, there are a number of sewage treatment pumps (STPs) at various points of New Town. After the water is being treated, the waste water is pumped out to the nearby bheries or canals. The authorities are exploring on a possibility of using the treated water, with a second stage purification, to use it for gardening and washing purposes to several new establishments like Eco Park and in the tea garden, children’s parks and also in the community toilets for flushing and washing. Hidco officials said that the techniques that are being explored will come a long way as its initiatives to develop New Town as a smart city. The model could be used in the other three places of Bidhannagar, Asansol and Durgapur that has been included in the Centre’s list to be developed as smart cities.+