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Dear friends

We are glad to inform you that the operations of your own association “WAPTEMA” have begun. WAPTEMA has been founded by dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic members of the water purification/ treatment industry with an idea to unite the people working in the industry. WAPTEMA is an All India Society registered under Act No XXI of 1860.


Our Industry in spite of being one of the fastest growing industries in India has never got its due status and share in the economic policies. Our problems and grievances have not been taken seriously as there was no common platform from where we could discuss & represent our issues.  Since long a need of a well bond organization was being felt. Launching of WAPTEMA has given us a forum from where we can raise and resolve different issues with Govt. bodies, other organizations and our members.


We envisage WAPTEMA as the premier association of Water purification & treatment equipment manufacturers, always striving to elevate the quality of products and services by delivering superlative value to customers & to create a feeling of proud & wellness among the members & followers.


To represent, lead and serve the Water purification & treatment Industry.


– To create professional brotherhood, trust , friendship , unity and cooperation among members

– To work for mutual benefit and progress in technical as well as commercial aspects of the business.

–  To represent problems of trade like taxation and statutory forms with Govt. and other bodies.

– To identify / highlight habitual defaulters in the industry.

– To work as arbitrator to resolve any dispute between the members.

– To strive to standardize the quality of Water purification and treatment equipment and parts & to provide WAPTEMA certification for quality products.

– To launch WAPTEMA PORTAL to keep the members updated with latest developments in the field of Water treatment.

– To provide the facility to advertise or launch products developed by the members on the WAPTEMA portal. The interactive portal will also provide facility to share your experiences & knowledge with a members group.

– To organize the Exhibitions & Seminars related to water Industry.

– To appoint state wise office bearers & open offices cum guest houses in major cities in India.

– To disseminate vital information to members through circulars & seminars.

– To publish monthly Newsletter/ Magazine to update the members.

– To strive to achieve removal of all acknowledged grievances affecting the industries interest.

– To interact with similar associations & Chamber of commerce on subjects of common interests.