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WAPTEMA WATER EXPO – India’s leading trade show providing most effective marketing platform to industry. At WWE, national & international equipment manufacturers of water purifiers, water and wastewater treatment & management service providers will gather to showcase their products and innovations.

WWE will combine technology display, networking business and knowledge of the rapidly expanding water market globally.WWE creates venue for business development and effective environment to promote your brands & services.

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VISION: We envisage WAPTEMA as the premier association of Water purification & treatment equipment manufacturers, always striving to elevate the quality of products and services by delivering superlative value to customers & to create a feeling of proud & wellness among the members & followers.

MISSION: To represent, lead and serve the water purification & treatment Industry.


Our Industry in spite of being one of the fastest growing industries in India has never got its due status and share in the economic policies. Our problems and grievances have not been taken seriously as there was no common platform from where we could discuss & represent our issues. Since long a need of a well bond organization was being felt. Launching of WAPTEMA has given us a forum from where we can raise and resolve different issues with Govt. bodies, other organizations and our members.