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Water Purification & Treatment Equipment Manufacturer Association (WAPTEMA) an organization established by Water Industry key players to nourish the industry goals while preserving the most valuable natural resource – Water. WAPTEMA has been founded to provide an effective representation for the Water & Waste water treatment industry at national level. We feel immense pleasure to inform you that we have 250 reputed members and several followers from our industry in a very short period of time.

WAPTEMA is being structured on a transparent functioning non-profit organization basis works on Suo motu i.e. “From the Industry, By the Industry & For the Industry”.

WAPTEMA WATER EXPO (WWE) will combine technology displays, networking business and knowledge of the rapidly expanding water market globally. WAPTEMA WATER EXPO (WWE) creates a venue for business development and effective platform to promote brands and services.It emphasis on the rapidly growing water purification & waste water treatment market and expect a large number of innovative & expertise technologies in component manufacturing, purification technologies, membrane engineering, desalination processes, STP, ETP and domestic water purifiers. Since long, a need of well bond organization was being felt. Founding of WAPTEMA has given us a forum through which different issues with govt. bodies & among members can be discussed and resolve. Some of the objectives are mentioned here:

– To resolve problems of trade like taxation and statutory forms with govt. and local bodies.

– To work for mutual benefit and progress in technical as well as commercial aspects of the industry.

– To standardize and certify the quality of water purification & treatment equipment and parts.

– To organize the Exhibitions & Seminars relating water industry.

– To arrange time to time training programs in field of STP/ETP/water treatment etc. for the individuals.

– Arrange B2B meets for Business promotion.

– To avail discount for the members participating in other exhibitions and conferences.

– To strive to achieve removal of all acknowledged grievances affecting the industries interest.

– To work as arbitrator to resolve any dispute among the members.

We are a fraternity of solution providers to the society, so there’s a need to co-operate with each other and march towards the glorious destiny.